There is a skills shortage in the Cyber Security and Privacy industries in Australia. Having built high performing teams within large corporate environments, the team at elevenM are very aware of the time and effort it takes to find the right candidate. It is based upon this experience that we decided to develop a specialist recruitment service.

The service usually requires our meeting with key stakeholders to understand their requirements. We feel this is a critical step in the process as allows us to get into the specifics of the role and if required, use our subject matter expertise to help the stakeholders articulate their requirements.

We then look to give the client practical and pragmatic advise. If requirements are for example unrealistic based on capabilities or salary, we will discuss options and alternate approaches.

In our view, the key aspect to this service is that if we introduce a candidate to the client it is a candidate who we have met and fully understood their capabilities. This process leverages the decades of subject matter expertise in the Cyber and Privacy industries and therefore enables the client to avoid significant pain.

Our terms for this service are aligned to the recruitment industry and fees are based upon a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary.