Over the last decade, the emergence of Big Data, cloud services and IoT has brought changes to the way we manage information assets and opened the door to new outsourcing and offshoring opportunities.  In this environment, every organisation is grappling with how to manage customer privacy and to define and manage their changing risk profile.

At elevenM, we put customers’ information at the forefront of the discussion to deliver holistic and pragmatic advice to Australian entities.

The elevenM team has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands to build privacy capability and manage risk.   We empower agencies and organisations by identifying gaps, establishing privacy management plans, building processes such as privacy risk assessments and PIAs, developing policies, procedures and notices, delivering privacy training and awareness and helping stakeholders to be ready for and effectively manage incidents (including reporting).  We work with entities on their governance, accountability and reporting processes.   We deliver strategies and practical tools to raise privacy maturity.

elevenM has assembled a team of privacy specialists with senior experience in commercial, public and regulatory fields. Our team has significant hands-on experience with the changing technology landscape which is driving business globally and the management of resulting regulatory and commercial risks.

Our specific services include:

  • Gap analysis for regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Privacy risk management strategies including Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Developing policies, procedures and notices
  • Privacy training and awareness
  • Privacy assurance for technical and non-technical requirements, marketing campaigns and wireframes
  • Data breach management and notification
  • Engaging with the OAIC and other regulators