Digital innovation is integral to maintaining Australia’s growth and prosperity. The digital market however, is largely based on trust. At elevenM, we feel the majority of that digital trust is built on an organisation’s ability to manage the privacy and security of their customer’s information.

We started elevenM with a view of combining privacy and cyber security skills in a meaningful way. Our goal was to create a consultancy that helps clients monitor and protect their data throughout the entire data lifecycle. Allowing the client to build digital trust with their customers and ultimately drive competitive advantage.

How we do it

elevenM works differently to other consultancies. Companies no longer want large teams of generalists, but rather deep subject matter experts who can help them achieve certain outcomes or support them for set periods of time.

We work with some of the best and brightest minds in privacy and cyber security in Australia and abroad. Our model gives our clients access to top tier talent for a week, a month, a year or for a particular outcome.